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costume your fears

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bleach_cosplay is the community for all things related to Bleach Cosplay. Cosplay is the Japanese nickname, "Costume Play". You're welcome to ask for people for groups on upcoming conventions or gatherings, ask for help on your costumes, post pictures, or general stuff.


- When posting pictures, due to layouts and 56kers, please put ALL images [Bigger then 300x300] behind a cut, with a warning.

- If the costume you are making is a spoiler, please put everything about it under a cut aswell.

- No mocking other people's cosplay. If you mock someone for hard work they did, you will recieve a warning, and the comment will be deleted. If it's done again, you will be banned.

- Looking for patterns? Here's a very helpful post with links for Bleach related costume patterns online.

- Please do not advertise other communities. Please do so at soul_society, our main BLEACH info sister-site.