Rukia cosplay (again)

Hello, due to the flood situation in my country (Thailand) I've had to evacuate my home. I took my prisoner Rukia cosplay with me because it was the easiest to carry so I took some photos at the hotel I briefly stayed at (Hilton Pattaya)

Due to my main camera being broken this is a cheap spare one I bought while there so pic quality isn't so good.


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Bleach by Albatross Force J-Community @ Kimochi Fest June 2011

These are some pictures of I and my friends from a Japanese Community after doing a cabaret show. If any of you does not know yet, cabaret in here means we play the characters on the stage with the scripts, like a role play. So it's nothing erotic ^^

It was my first cosplay and cabaret ever, and I was pretty nervous. I came pretty late, so I did not do my hair well :( It's a shame, really. But it turned out quite good; the show played well, the audiences seemed to like our performance, and some of them even asked me to take a photo with them. Yeay, I feel like a celebrity for a day :D

I wore Nanao costume, by the way.

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Thai-Japan Anime Music Festival - Bangkok, Thailand

Hi, so I just went to the Thai-Japan Anime Music Festival today... I went alone but luckily there were a few other Bleach cosplayers there so I thought I'd post some pics.

And yes, I wore the Rukia costume I had before... It's kind of the only cosplay outfit I have... Well, I have only been cosplaying since the start of this month and don't have the cash for any new outfits yet so...

Double Rukia

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